Fried Candy Bar

Fried Candy Bar

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Dipped in our special secret made sweet batter and fried until golden brown-you can choose from a wide variety of chocolate bars (including Mars, Kit Kat, ,snickers and more). Guests can then top with a variety of sauces and toppings.



  • Attendant
  • 2 Candy Bar options
  • 4 Toppings Choices
  • 3 Sauces

Please call for pricing

More than 400 Guests please call for pricing.  

No payment of any kind is needed now at check-out. If your date is available we will send you an invoice with the service total including delivery/set-up fees. We will also send over a contract to finalize your station booking with us.

A 50% deposit is needed to Hold & Book your event date with us.

*Some events held on Sundays, Holidays, and Outdoor set-ups may include extra fees.